Every leader has their learning edge.

And very often, there’s a tricky people issue at that edge.

An uncooperative colleague, a direct report who’s not listening, or a manager who’s unfairly critical.

A team member who’s always negative, a colleague who you dread being in meetings with, or someone you report to who never seems to have the time.

People can be really hard work.

As a leader, you can’t simply ‘block’ or ‘unfollow’ a work colleague.

Working with a diverse range of people who you didn’t necessarily choose to be in close quarters with, for many hours a week, requires a new set of strategies in order to move forward.

And that’s where coaching and training with Corrina Gordon-Barnes comes in. With 18 years experience, and an expertise in transforming tricky relationships, working with Corrina enables you to resolve the people issues that are currently getting in the way.

Relationships drive organisations.

When people get on and collaborate effectively, you can reach your goals, meet your deadlines and realise your vision.

But when people issues occur, projects are stalled, timelines go askew, and innovation is stifled. The workplace becomes a source of stress and frustration, rather than creativity and satisfaction.

Radically improve your workplace

Take your organisation to the next level.

Collaborate effectively

Become harmoniously productive so you can reach your collective goals sooner.

Model strong, conscious leadership

Create a culture of excitement, engagement and innovation.

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