Life can sometimes deal us a shitty hand.

I work with people who are facing challenging life circumstances.

And you’re reading these words because the hand you’ve been dealt is feeling like a lot to carry by yourself.

Relationship breakdown, medical problems, family issues, infertility, children with challenging needs, grief – whatever’s making life hard, I step in right at that point where you say “Enough, life! This was not the plan.”

If something has happened that has turned the world you knew on its head, welcome. You’re not alone. I coach people through the storm. 


I’m a certified coach with my own experience of relationship issues, trauma, health challenges and baby loss.

Work with me

If you find yourself in the eye of the storm and life is simply not going according to plan, it’s time for support.

Dani Rukin

Corrina’s training, expertise and powerfully lived experience, combined with her delightful personality and commitment to all of our highest growth, is the perfect combination of a great and rare coach and guide.

Dani RukinCertified Professional Co-Active Coach (PCC)