Hi, I’m Corrina, an executive coach with 18 years experience. I work with doctors, lawyers, business owners, and leaders in industry and education.

Sometimes we’re talking about the challenges and dilemmas at work. Tricky colleagues, issues around confidence or boundaries or career progression. Our coaching sessions provide time and space for strategic thinking.

And often, we’re talking about other life stuff. Secondary infertility. Relationship breakdown. Kids’ behaviour. Dating.

When you’re a leader, it can be lonely at the top.

When you’re successful, it can be hard to find someone you trust enough to honestly explore the different facets of your life and how to make them all work.

Find out more to see if you’d like me by your side.

Some popular areas of focus:

Want an easier relationship with your partner or family member?

Is your organisation looking for leadership/team development?

Corrina’s coaching shifts your world rapidly.

You’ll never see people the same way again.
– Dr Carrie Goucher