Welcome. You’ve come to the place for people who are ready to suffer less – especially in relationships and family life.

My relationship isn’t working anymore. I don’t feel seen, we’ve lost our connection. I really don’t know where to go from here. 

After the third miscarriage, I lost all sense of hope. My body and my heart are carrying such a heavy weight of grief and despair. I’m finding it hard to see a future. 

I’m having a harder time than I thought, navigating this divorce. Mostly, I’m worried about the boys – but also I’ve lost my sense of ground. I feel disoriented and actually very alone.

Dad wasn’t meant to die yet. It’s way too early; he had so much life still left and decades of being a granddad ahead. It breaks my heart that my children won’t know him. 

Whatever you’re going through, welcome

Perhaps you’re here because you want more connection in your relationships.

Or you’re craving empathy and support as you navigate the big challenges of life: grief, a health diagnosis, divorce, infertility, betrayal, parenthood, ageing or loss.

There is a way to suffer less

No matter what our life circumstances, there are tried and tested tools we can use to dig ourselves out of the pit.


Corrina Gordon-BarnesI’m Corrina Gordon-Barnes – a certified coach, experienced facilitator and teacher. I’ve navigated the joys and frustrations of a 16 year relationship, family trauma, health challenges, multiple rounds of IVF and the death of my son.

Work with me

We don’t need to suffer alone. Support is available through one-to-one coaching (and group journeys – coming soon).

Dani Rukin

Corrina’s training, expertise and powerfully lived experience, combined with her delightful personality and commitment to all of our highest growth, is the perfect combination of a great and rare coach and guide.

Dani RukinCertified Professional Co-Active Coach (PCC)