You’re here because there’s a relationship in your life that feels hard.

Well, at least one. Let’s be honest – there are others that could do with a hand too.

And you’re done with things feeling hard. You want there to be more peace, more ease, more harmony, more connection.

The people who resonate with me and my approach have brought every relationship you can think of.

Partner. Mother. Father. Sister. Brother. Child. In-law. Ex. Colleague. Friend.

And there’s been a pressing reason why it’s mattered to them to tackle this relationship issue.

A parent is ageing and there’s limited time to resolve the friction.

The marriage is on the rocks; separation looms.

Divorce has happened – and now the focus is on keeping logistics as amicable as possible.

There’s uncertainty about whether to stay in the relationship.

A beloved son or daughter is playing up or troubled.

Infertility or baby loss is putting a huge strain on a relationship – or just on the self.

There’s an illness which has brought everything to a head.

I might not have named your exact situation, but chances are I’ve had clients over the past 15 years dealing with something very similar.

So you’re in safe hands. And my one-to-one coaching support is bespoke for each client. Whatever you’re dealing with, there’s a high chance I’ll be able to help – in a way that creates truly transformational outcomes.

Hi, I’m Corrina

Corrina Gordon-BarnesI’m a Certified Professional Coactive Coach (CPCC), facilitator of The Work and trained teacher. I’m also a wife, mum, sister, daughter and friend.

If you’re brand new to this website, you’ll probably want to check out my credentials, my experience and my approach. To see if it resonates, to see if you feel in safe hands – with someone who can really understand.

Take a look around. Read or watch some blogs. Find out who I am. Read other client testimonials. Get in touch.

If you’re looking for coaching within your organisation – leadership coaching, executive coaching, conflict resolution or culture-building – contact me and we can discuss a bespoke package to meet your needs.

Dani Rukin

Corrina’s training, expertise and powerfully lived experience, combined with her delightful personality and commitment to all of our highest growth, is the perfect combination of a great and rare coach and guide.

Dani RukinCertified Professional Co-Active Coach (PCC)
Verena Conzett

As soon as I had clarified my financial situation, I had no hesitation. I had already followed Corrina for quite some time; I knew all her blogs and videos and was impressed by her in so many ways, especially how she dealt with the death of Alfie and “life after”.

Situations I brought to coaching included: feeling guilty when my son wants to play with me and I don’t want to; being furious with my son when he’s stubborn and doesn’t obey what I say; feeling trapped in the relationship with my boyfriend (a lot of fear and worst case scenarios in my mind); becoming angry with my boyfriend when he has a different perspective from me, and wanting him to change.

What comes to mind when I think about our coaching sessions:
– The focus Corrina has and gives me. I’m all that she is busy with at the moment of our session. She is so present! So engaged. So open minded. So completely WITH ME.
– No fear of anything. She challenges me to dare to look in every last corner of the subject we work on.
– I’m fully held by her. She is walking the path together with me – not knowing what we’ll encounter and where we’ll end up. I feel confident and looked after.

I now feel so much more relaxed, much more stable in myself, and I’ve experienced huge freedom. I’d recommend this to anyone who’d like to look at their beliefs that hurt.

Corrina, how you do The Work with a client is more than I have ever seen by anyone else doing The Work (including Katie herself). I’m impressed by how you don’t strictly follow the four questions, but have the ability to be much more flexible – which makes the process of The Work even more powerful.