About Corrina

Corrina Gordon-Barnes

I’m a Certified Professional Coactive Coach (CPCC) with 14 years experience supporting clients one-to-one. I trained with the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) back in 2005. certified coach

I’m also an experienced teacher (primary, secondary & EFL), trained at Cambridge University.

Prior to coach training, I trained and volunteered as a Samaritan, sitting with people who felt hopeless, despairing or overwhelmed.  

Since 2012, I’ve been incorporating The Work of Byron Katie into my coaching – a highly effective, structured method for meeting our stressful thoughts. 


My wife Sam and I have been together for 16 years. Our happy marriage isn’t an accident or the result of good luck; it’s proof of the relationship principles I teach. 

When we met, we weren’t – on paper – a good match. We differed on pretty much every core issue that other relationship experts would say is important. If we’d tried to find each other via internet dating, we likely wouldn’t have; we’d have scored something like a 5% match (if we were lucky).

One of us was vegan, the other ate meat. One wanted kids, one didn’t. One believed in God, one believed in the power of humanity. One wanted to move to America, one didn’t. One liked to hoard, one loved to declutter. One refused to fly for environmental reasons, one delighted in toilet bleach and chain supermarkets.

We joke that I should get a t-shirt which reads: “I’m not gay but my wife is.” Sam had assumed she’d never date a bisexual, let alone marry one.

On paper, we were doomed. In life, we’re thriving. We’re evidence that differences and apparent incompatibility – even on core issues and core values – don’t need to be blocks to the happy relationship you long for, whether with your family member or partner.

Many people believe that if you have doubts in a relationship, you’re not meant to be with that person. In the early years, I had many doubts. Often, I had one foot out of the door. We’re evidence that doubts, hesitancy, and reluctance to commit don’t mean that you and your partner aren’t meant to be together. Uncertainty might be a stop along the way.

Claire Bradford

Corrina and Sam make up one of the wisest and coolest couples I have the fortune of knowing. Rock solid in their devotion to each other, they are the epitome of what a healthy and happy marriage should look like.

Claire BradfordIndependent Celebrant, Worthing (UK)


Our children have been made with love and a whole lot of science. We opted for ‘shared motherhood’ as we embarked upon IVF: Sam’s eggs, my womb, two biological mothers. In total, we’ve been through three rounds of IVF, each with its unique highs and lows. 

After a smooth and low-risk pregnancy, our precious first son Alfie was premature and died during labour. Navigating the storm of grief and loss has been possible in large part because of what I share on this website and through coaching: how to find peace with reality when life doesn’t go the way you plan, and how to walk through life’s hardest challenges together. 

Our beloved second son, Toby, was born in 2020. Pregnancy after loss was intensely challenging; it required going back into the epicentre of previous trauma. It was also a high-risk pregnancy as I had a short cervix which carried the threat of premature labour. On a daily basis, I sat with my fears and longings, applying my tried and tested principles so that I could journey with as much peace, joy and ease as possible.

Linda Anderson

Your work certainly facilitates some powerful shifts! 

You are a wonderful facilitator with an enormous amount of heart, wisdom and integrity, and an astonishing ability to see clearly the conditioned patterns and limiting beliefs that keep us mesmerised by our stories.

You do this in an incredibly warm, compassionate and non-judgemental way that allows your clients to dive really deep and find the treasures waiting there.

Linda Anderson Essex (UK)

Coaching together

Since 2005, I’ve sat one-to-one with hundreds of people who’ve trusted me with their fears and yearnings. My clients often say, “I can tell you stuff I’ve never told anybody.”

When you’re right in the middle of relationship challenges, you don’t need to struggle through alone. Coaching was created so you can always have someone there by your side, with all the compassion and tools needed to help you navigate whatever you’re going through.

Let’s connect. Fill in the form below, give me a snapshot of what’s going on for you, and I’ll be in touch to schedule a free initial consultation.