Hi, I’m Corrina Gordon-Barnes – a coach and trainer with one focus:

Making relationships easier.

I work with individuals who want to get on better with someone important to them. This could be a partner, or a family member.

I also help with the “should I stay or should I leave?” relationship dilemma.


I’m also brought into organisations to support team and leadership development.

My vision is this: workplaces where colleagues speak honestly, give and receive feedback gracefully, and act with integrity. Open communication and clarity of responsibility makes it so much easier to be innovative and effective, hit deadlines, and create the most powerful impact.

I support organisations by offering one-to-one coaching to senior and emerging leaders, and by delivering training on essential skills such as how to handle difficult conversations and give feedback with ease.

About Corrina

I live in Cambridge with my wife and our son. When I’m not at work, you’ll probably find me enjoying precious time with them, or on my yoga mat.

Corrina is a really embodied facilitator. She lives and breathes this work which you can tell from her mastery and desire to share it.

Though the work was deep, it wasn’t heavy – yet it was extremely transformational.

headshot of Corrina Gordon-Barnes