I coach emerging and senior leaders to achieve their most meaningful goals.

Each person’s situation is unique, but see if you can relate to any of these:

– “I want to be less reactive when receiving feedback. I tend to hear it as criticism, get defensive and close down. I know I’m missing opportunities to learn and grow by not being more open.”
– “I’m not sure this organisation is the right fit for me so I feel in limbo – not fully committed, but not taking decisive action towards looking elsewhere.”
– “I need to get better at time management so I can get more done. I often feel scattered and unfocused which is frustrating because when I’m on my game I achieve great things!”
– “I dread interactions with a certain (very negative) colleague, but I have to work closely with him. I need to shift my relationship with him otherwise I’ll keep avoiding him and this project will keep getting stalled.”

My clients are typically ambitious and self-aware. They’re committed to growth and to fulfilling their potential.

With 16 years coaching experience, I share a rich toolkit of strategies to dissolve workplace drama, get focused on what’s most important, and reach goals sooner. Through private one-to-one sessions and cohort training, I support professionals to:

– Develop heightened EQ (emotional intelligence) and interpersonal skills
– Create more productive workplace relationships
– Get focused on what’s most important
– Get more (of what’s important) done
– Handle difficult conversations with ease
– Give feedback with confidence
– Model strong, conscious leadership

If you want to achieve your most meaningful goals, let’s talk. Contact me to request a free consultation.

Corrina’s training, expertise and powerfully lived experience, combined with her delightful personality and commitment to all of our highest growth, is the perfect combination of a great and rare coach and guide.

This was life-changing.

To anyone considering this, I’d say: Just do it. It’s easy to focus on the cost of doing it – both in money and time – but think about the cost of not doing it.