What Brings Someone To Coaching?

This support is for anyone who wants to improve a relationship.

And who wants to improve it without the other person needing to be involved.

If they’re on board, great. But often the other person isn’t aware there’s an issue, or doesn’t seem to care that there’s a problem.

Perhaps you’ve tried everything you can to change them and it’s felt like banging your head against a brick wall.

Or maybe you’ve simply been on the personal growth journey long enough to know that change starts with you.

What kind of situations do clients bring?

We’re drifting apart. He’s in his own little bubble and this relationship just isn’t working anymore. I don’t feel seen, I don’t feel supported, we don’t communicate or connect in any meaningful way and I really don’t know where to go from here. 

I don’t know if I’m with the right person. I keep questioning whether we’re actually compatible. He says he sees us together forever but the ‘move in’ date keeps getting shifted without discussion. I’m stuck in limbo and it’s hard to see a future.

Mum doesn’t listen to me or if she does then it’s only to disagree with my point of view. She’s hard work to spend time with so I notice I don’t bother, but I’m terrified I’ll miss her when she’s gone, plus my kids aren’t getting to know their grandmother. 

My sister-in-law has never bothered getting to know me and recently she’s moved into being actively hostile. It’s massively affecting family gatherings and I’m missing out on a relationship with my nephews. I’m constantly on edge around her. I know I can’t change her – but can I change how I feel? 

You’ll find support here for romantic relationships, but also for Mum challenges, Dad issues, in-law conflicts, friend fallouts, colleague drama.

Whoever’s pressing your buttons, you’ve come to the right place.

In my own marriage, my wife and I have navigated career transitions, family health challenges and parenthood – our journey with which has included multiple rounds of IVF, the premature arrival and death of our son Alfie, and pregnancy after loss.

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