Panic That Time Is Ticking? Here Are 3 Steps To Unpick The Fear

Today’s video is in response to a question from a 32-year old woman which went something like this:

“I’m starting to notice the signs of ageing – grey hairs, a few wrinkles – and I’m getting panicked that time is running out to meet the love of my life and have children. What can I do about this panic?”

Whatever age we are, most of us can relate in some way to the fear that time is ticking

Time is passing and we’re not where we want to be. Perhaps you’re a parent and the years with your children are going by so fast; maybe you’re not raising them how you’d envisaged.

Or maybe as your own parent gets older, it feels like time is running out to heal a rift between you and them.

If you’re worried that time is ticking, watch today’s 5-minute video and discover a powerful 3-step process. Here’s how to get to the bottom of your panic – and free from it: 

Easier said than done

Taking these three simple but powerful steps opens up the possibility for you to live happily right now. If you’d love one-to-one support, find out more here.

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