Why Relationships Hurt – The True Source Of Pain In All Relationships

We’d love to think of relationships as places of connection, comfort and sanctuary.

But for many of us, our close relationships hurt. Whether with our partner, parent, sibling, child or friend, our relationships become places of frustration and disappointment.

Why do relationships hurt? What’s causing the pain in all these relationships?

In today’s 4-minute video, I’m sharing about the day it became crystal-clear what was really behind the conflict in my relationship with my wife Sam. Watch now and as you hear about our conversation, take time to consider whether this is also true for you.

Now, this isn’t an easy realisation at first – but once the lightbulb goes on, this is the key to freedom from relationship pain not just in one important relationship but in ALL of them.

Connect with me and share it forward

I’d love to hear from you – where do you do what I was doing with Sam? What’s the impact – on you and on the relationship? After you’ve watched the video, drop me a line and let me know.

I believe we can feel so much more connection than we are currently experiencing. I believe relationships can hurt much less. I believe we can recover quickly when triggered and feel the closeness we long for.

If you know others who would also love encouragement and support with breaking free from relationship hurt, please forward this by email to them or use the buttons below to share the video on Facebook and any other social platform you’re on.

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