Relationship Patterns:

How To Respond Differently When They

Push Your Buttons

Which relationship patterns are causing you pain?

Mother, father, sister, brother, child, partner – you’ll have your standard, well-practised dance moves with anyone important to you.

They’ll say or do something that pushes your buttons. You’ll feel criticised, unseen or de-prioritised. You’ll panic that they’re in need and only you can help. You’ll think they’re hiding something, ignoring you, making a dig at you.

And because they’ve just pushed your buttons, you’ll respond in your default way. You’ll bite back, jump in to rescue them, cry, or go on the defensive.

How is this relationship pattern working for you?

Imagine the two of you are in a dance. (It takes two to tango, after all.) Does the dance feel healthy, or uncomfortable? Have you been stuck in this relationship pattern for years and you’ve had enough? Does this dance go round in circles and it’s making you sick?

In this video, you’ll discover how to change your relationship patterns so you can be proud of how you respond.

Watch now:

Get truthful, get empowered

“When _____ says _____, normally I’d respond by _____.”

“When _____ does _____, normally I’d respond by _____.”

  1. What are some of your default relationship patterns? Identify moments from the past and fill in the gaps.
  2. With each moment, get honest: Did your response feel good? Did it increase your peace and connection, or did it create conflict and separation? Decide how your relationship patterns have been working for you.
  3. Next time these buttons get pushed, choose to do something different. Notice the impact.
  4. Commit to creating new relationship patterns that serve you and serve your relationship.
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