Finding Peace Within a Pandemic

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, how do we meet our anxiety? The Work Of Byron Katie offers a powerful tool for finding peace even within a global crisis.

Together with global health expert Nadine Ferris France, I’ve been bringing together people from around the world to question our thoughts.

Session 1: “We can’t control this” & “Our health system can’t cope”.

Facebook event for Monday 16th March

Session 2: “People I love will suffer” & “People aren’t taking it seriously”.

Facebook event for Thursday 19th March

Session 3: “There will not be enough” & “The future is uncertain”.

Facebook event for Session 3 (Wednesday 25th March)

Session 4: “The vaccine will cause widespread death” & “My child is at risk”.

Recording coming soon.

Facebook event for Session 4 (Wednesday 1st April).

Upcoming: free online events

Wednesday 8th April 2020, 7pm – 8.30pm UK

Let us know you’re attending or interested on the Facebook group:

And then use this Zoom link to access the live call:

(If using the Zoom app, the meeting ID is: 911-004-495)