The Problem With Living With Someone

When you’re living with someone, whether it’s your partner, family, friend or house-mate, there’s a good chance you experience at least one of these friction points:

Perhaps you feel they’re limiting you, controlling you, making your life small.

Or you feel they make it hard to go out and do certain things or say yes to invitations.

​​​​​​​Maybe you feel they’re blocking you from progressing your career or from parenting the way you want to parent.

Or it could be that they have a different aesthetic to you, or different TV-watching preferences, or different tidiness levels – and it feels like you can’t have your home and lifestyle be the way you’d like them to be.

Living with someone isn’t easy

In today’s short video, I’m exploring the real reason why that is and how to step back into your peace and power. Watch now:

Step back into your power

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