Dr Charlotte Edgington

It is no exaggeration to say that Corrina, and her ability to kindly and skilfully facilitate The Work, have changed my life.

When she first shared the process with me, I was sceptical that it could lead to true peace and resolution of decades of issues and seemingly insurmountable situations. I questioned whether I could transform important relationships in my life by working only on my own mind. How could simply questioning my thoughts possibly make the harsh reality of life easier to bear? Won’t I just talk myself into passivity, accepting everything without question?

If you have any of these questions and reservations – I get it. They’re sensible! I suggest: just try a session.

I have worked a lot of thoughts and situations with Corrina, and every time, the resulting peace seems like magic. The change of perspective, the freedom from suffering, from being the victim, from repeating old patterns.

And every time, that peace and clarity lead me to well-considered action, not passivity as I feared, or knee-jerk reactions resulting from a confused and pained mind. I have found that there is so much about this world which I can’t control, but whether I allow myself to be tormented by my own thoughts is definitely in my hands.

The last six months have been a storm for me; they have brought me to my knees. After the death of my beloved nephew, Corrina gently guided me through questioning some of the thoughts which caused me the most pain. For example: He shouldn’t have died, life is unfair to us, God is wrong on this one. Thoughts which all seem justified and correct, but which Corrina helped me to see brought only pain and could be questioned. Dealing with such difficult thoughts allowed me to miss him and grieve him, without unhelpful ruminating. My focus could shift to loving him and his family, not on the what-ifs, if-onlys, and I-know-betters. I can’t even express what a gift that is, to be able to love, grieve and honour him purely, without my mind getting in the way and wishing his path were different.

I recommend Corrina, without reservation, to everyone. Specifically to anyone who is anxious, grieving, ruminating, sad, angry, frustrated, feeling trapped, helpless or hopeless, or just can’t bear to accept their reality.

I have known Corrina for 12 years, and I have never come across a person, situation or thought which she is unable to sit with, compassionately listen to and genuinely support. She is professional, gentle, honest, insightful, brave, authentic, creative and committed. Our sessions often end in laughter, as we both discover how our minds work in hilarious ways. A little humour goes a long way in this kind of work.

It felt hard to delve into painful areas of my life, but having Corrina alongside made it possible and so worthwhile. I found that by working one thought or situation, I experienced positive change in other situations and relationships. It is an investment with immeasurable returns.

Dr Charlotte EdgingtonPaediatric Doctor
Emma Cox

Initially, I was concerned about the cost and whether I could afford it, but I can honestly say that working with Corrina has transformed my life and my outlook – and you can’t put a price on that!

We spend money on holidays, or a new sofa, or something that’s just gone horribly wrong with the car, but finding more happiness within ourselves at any moment in time can be infinitely more valuable.

Working with Corrina has brought me back to a place of unconditional love. I was not expecting the profound sense of peace. I’d recommend Corrina to anyone because we all have thoughts, stories and trauma that can be brought to the surface to be healed. It is beneficial to all of us – as parents, children, partners, friends – to look at our heavy thoughts and judgements with curiosity. To explore alternative viewpoints. To find our inner wisdom and loving selves with the support of a guide like Corrina.

Corrina is compassionate, intuitive and beautifully focused, giving me breakthroughs that I had not achieved on my own. She brings a different wisdom and perspective. I deeply value her guidance, which comes in part from her own experience. She lives what she teaches and as a result has deeply loving relationships with herself and others which is truly inspirational.

Corrina is a blessing. If you have the opportunity to work with her, then I fully recommend doing so! It has changed my life remarkably.

Emma CoxDirector and Founder of The Positive Parenting Toolkit
A coach (anonymous)

If you’re ready to take responsibility for yourself, you can expect amazing results. 

I hesitated before going ahead because I’m a coach and with all the work I’ve done on myself, I felt I should be on top of things. Could I allow myself to spend money on this? Would I ever change?

I wanted to feel more connected in my closest relationships with my spouse and children. I wanted all my love to come out of me to the people I care so much about and for that love not to be kept down by anger and frustration.

It became clear right from the beginning of our work that I could just enjoy the ride fully. Working with Corrina is very safe; she treats you and all your shitty stuff with amazing kindness.

I now connect more easily, with love. I am now more able to enjoy my sex life with my husband.

Corrina works on the deepest level of relationships with a structure that is easy and clear. You can read about it but to have someone skilfully and compassionately lead and hold you through the process is key.

Everyone should question their thoughts! It leaves you with more space for peace and love.

A coach (anonymous)Luxembourg