4 Simple (But Not Easy) Steps When

Your Father Disapproves Of You

Why can we anger so quickly?

An example: You’re having a conversation with your dad, it’s going fine, and then he asks: “How’s work?”

Or maybe: “How’s your love life?” or “How’s it going at the gym?”

Whatever THAT QUESTION is, it’s the one that can take you instantly from 0 to 100 on the anger scale. From anyone else, it would seem like an innocent question but it triggers tremendous push-back if you believe that your father disapproves of you and that his disapproval is behind that question.

His words can drag up dozens – if not hundreds – of  images from the past. All those times you’ve experienced that your father disapproves of you. If you believe your father disapproves of you, it can make it virtually impossible to answer his simple question.

You don’t want to feel so triggered, right? You want to feel connected with him, to be the best version of yourself with him.

When your father disapproves of you, take these four steps

In this video, I’m sharing what you can do to dissolve your anger and stay in connection with your dad.

Get truthful, get empowered

This 3-minute video will not solve the situation. If you believe your father disapproves of you, it runs deep and causes a lot of pain.

And while these four steps sound simple, they’re far from easy to put into action. How do you “be in the moment”? How can you “let the past be the past”?

This kind of How To is what I help clients with; it takes time and regular practice. This video will help you make that all-important start.

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