If You Dread Seeing Your Loved One,

Take This Two-Phase “Experiment Approach”

Some people just aren’t that easy to be around.

Maybe there’s a family member you dread seeing; you have to psych yourself up before a visit or a family meal. Perhaps you’re going through a rocky time with your husband or wife and you start getting nervous before they – or you – get home from work.

You dread seeing this person because you anticipate their criticism, their moodiness, their anger, or their disinterest. You dread how they’ll interrupt you, undermine you, ignore you or complain to you.

Who do you dread seeing?

If you want to have a better experience next time you see this person, this video’s for you.

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Get truthful, get empowered

If you’re anything like me, you don’t want to tolerate a visit with a loved one. You don’t want to keep looking at the clock, willing it to be over quickly. Even with a seemingly challenging person, you want to make the most of your time together.

The Experiment Approach you’ll learn about in this video has the power to turn a dreaded interaction into one that’s pleasant – or even enjoyable. You can create for yourself a radically different experience with any loved one.

Important: You’re not taking this new approach for them. You’re doing this for yourself – for your own peace and your own freedom.

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