Ever Felt Annoyed That Your Loved One Is Annoyed With You?

I’m curious: have you ever felt annoyed with someone… for being annoyed with you?

I’ve felt it often – and I hear it frequently from clients and others. It’s really common to hate it when your partner’s angry with you, or your friend’s irritated with you, or your parent, sibling or child is clearly holding a grudge against you.

You want them to forgive you, to let you off the hook, to reassure you that it’s all okay. You want their annoyance to pass quickly and for harmony to be restored.

How to move forward when they’re annoyed with you

In today’s 5-minute video, we’re exploring ONE particular element of this situation that causes ALL the pain – and I’m offering a powerful way to move forward.

You’ll see me sharing a personal story that’s rather embarrassing – but it makes the point really clearly so I’m choosing to let you in to my bathroom!

If you’d love to find peace of mind – and connection with your loved one – even in the presence of their simmering annoyance, watch here:

Easier said than done

Do you find it really hard to find peace when your loved one is annoyed with you? If you’re ready for a radically improved experience of your relationship, chat with me about one-to-one coaching.

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