Wish They Were Different? Be Careful What You Wish For…

I wish… I wish… I wish…

The longing of our heart is often for our loved one to be radically different from how they are.

We long for them to speak to us more kindly, to understand us, to forgive us, to stop criticising us.

We wish for them to be less aggressive, to be there when we need them, to say the words we crave.

If only… If only… If only…

If only my mum were more emotionally available for me, then I’d be happy.

If only my husband were more affectionate, then I’d feel content.

If only my daughter did what I told her, then I could be at peace.

If right now you’re feeling disappointed or frustrated, wishing for a loved one to be different, please take 5 minutes to watch today’s video.

I’m sharing with you an exercise that my clients have found really helpful. It has the power to set you free.

If you wish they were different, watch now:

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