How To Follow Your Calling

And Transform Your Personal Relationships

personal relationships mark lerusteI was interviewed by Mark Leruste for his Unconventionalists podcast; I think you’ll enjoy listening in, so here’s the 57-minute recording.

In this episode – How To Follow Your Calling – we discuss what it was like to let go of a successful business and start again from scratch, why I’m so grateful to have worked with Byron Katie, and what I’ve gained from applying her process – “The Work” – to my personal relationships.

You’ll also hear:

– How hard it is to not take things personally
– What I said to my wife early on (most of us can’t imagine our partners saying this!)
– Why finding peace doesn’t mean you have to stay in a relationship
– What’s really going on with jealousy
– Why nobody’s the enemy anymore

We also cover:

– Why Tony Robbins tweeted about me
– How I come up with blog titles (great advice for anyone who creates content)
– The thing most people don’t know about me (even my best friend, till very recently)


I share my unexpected advice for anyone considering self-employment, and the three truths I’d leave behind if all my other words were wiped away.

Listen, enjoy

Again, here’s the link – and then drop me a line to let me know what most interests you in our conversation.

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