They’re so different from you – is connection impossible?

We find it hard to get on with a certain family member, or our partner, because they’re so different from us.

They have religious views that are incomprehensible to us. Or different political views – you can’t understand how they vote the way they vote. Perhaps their diet, career or lifestyle choices are very different, or their basic approach to life.

Difference is clearly challenging – and in today’s short video we’re looking at why.

Why is it so hard to bridge the gap when someone’s so different from us?

I’m sharing two simple yet powerful steps to understand the divide and move towards more connection with the people who are important to us.

Watch now: 

Easier said than done?

There could be a lot to unpick here. Perhaps you take these two steps and discover your list is long and all the assumptions seem true.

Years of friction and disconnect won’t be resolved by a 4-minute video. Get support with finding freedom – check out the one-to-one support options here.

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