Should You Stay Or Leave? The First Step To Get Free From Relationship Limbo

Should you stay – or should you leave?

Relationship limbo is such a tough place to be, constantly flip-flopping between “yes” and “no”.

Yes, you see all the things that are great about your partner, but there are also clashes between your values or communication styles or dreams for the future that make it hard to fully and wholeheartedly commit.

And it’s hard to know – is it your “stuff” that’s getting in the way, or are these signs that you’re not compatible and it’s time to be brave and move on?

How to decide? Should you stay or leave the relationship?

Today’s video offers a powerful starting point for getting off the hamster wheel.

Watch now and discover the first step in freeing yourself from relationship limbo:

Easier said than done

Being unsure about whether to stay in a relationship is time-consuming and draining. It takes up SO much headspace. That’s energy you could be spending either enjoying the relationship and making plans for the future, or on finding a partnership that’s a better fit.

It can really shake the foundations of how you see yourself when you feel you can’t trust your intuition on whether you should stay or leave. If you’re done with this dilemma, today’s video is a must-watch for you – and I’m here rooting for you as you take this first step towards clarity and peace.

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