You Think You’re Changing.

Your Family Or Partner See You As Weird.

You’re committed to growth. You see glimpses of yourself becoming more accepting, or taking things less personally.

But what if the people close to you see these changes as… weird?

You’re becoming less argumentative – and your family or partner call you quiet or distant.

You’re holding eye contact longer – and they’re wary of you being too intense.

You’re trying to listen and focus on them – and they say you’ve become boring.

You’re being weird!“, they complain. “Why are you being so weird?

How to stay true to the changes you want to make – even when others see you as weird

When a relationship dynamic starts changing, there’s a huge temptation to stick with the status quo. Stay the same! Be “normal”!

But that’s not what you want. You want to be different – more peaceful, more present, more connected – so how to enjoy that without the fear of being seen as weird?

Watch now:

Easier said than done

It’s normal to feel uncomfortable with being seen as weird. You’re trying to show up as a different version of yourself in relationships that matter – but the response from others may make it seem easier to stick with the familiar.

It’s a big deal to change habits of a lifetime. If the pressure to stay the same-old-you is blocking you from the new relationship experiences you crave, let’s talk. Book a free consultation.

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