“Their Reaction Is SO Unnecessary.” Ever Thought This About Your Partner, Family, Friend or Colleague?

Their reaction is SO unnecessary, right?

Their mood, their temper, their refusal to engage. The way they take their stress out on you. The way they blow up, sulk, moan or complain.

It’s just unnecessary – and you’re fed up with it.

Whether it’s your partner, family member, friend or colleague, they just need to grow up and sort themselves out. They need to stop polluting the atmosphere, ruining the mood, dumping their issues on you, or spoiling your day.

I’ve heard this countless times from clients, friends and my own mind.

If you find someone’s reaction really unnecessary and get stressed out and resentful of them, today’s 4-minute video is for you.

Discover exactly what to do when their reaction seems unnecessary:

Easier said than done

We suffer in our relationships – and there’s a way out. Here’s information about one-to-one coaching; if you’d like to discuss this with me, request a free initial consultation via that page.

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