When Your Parent Prefers Your Sibling

“My mum prefers my brother to me. It’s been obvious my whole life and now he has kids, she prefers his children to mine and spends a lot more time with him and his family.”

Feeling that your parent prefers your sibling is a heartbreakingly common situation – and it can leave you feeling rejected, left out and un-loved.

Over the years, you’ve maybe lived with the feeling of not measuring up or not being worthy. Perhaps it’s obvious to your friends or partner too, and they make comments like: “Wow, your brother/sister is clearly preferred. What’s going on there?”

If your parent prefers your sibling, what can you do?

In this 5-minute video, I share a powerful way to peace.

Watch now.

Easier said than done?

I don’t believe any of us want to fight against reality. I don’t believe we want to carry the burden of believing people should be different from how they are. We just get eaten up with disappointment and sadness and can’t see a way to peace.

There is a way. If you yearn to experience deep peace and genuine acceptance with your parent or sibling, book a free consultation.

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