One-To-One Relationship Coaching

Inger Madsen

I heartily recommend Corrina’s work. Corrina helped me shift some s*** that had festered for nigh on 20 years. Feels miraculous. 

Inger MadsenSaffron Walden (UK)

You want a better relationship

Whether with your parent, child, partner, friend, sibling, in-law, ex or colleague, you want to feel connected, loving, happy, and proud of how you show up.

Feels impossible? With the approach I share, it can absolutely be your new reality.

You can have more peace and connection with anyone who matters to you.

Linda Anderson

Corrina, this experience has been an absolute God-send for me and my family. It’s set us free from a painful and repeating cycle that was limiting us all.

I’d recommend this to anyone who finds themselves stuck in a painful and repeating pattern in a relationship. If you’re struggling to connect with someone, and if you’re willing to do the work on yourself so things can change, talk to Corrina. The price was amazing for such intensive one-to-one support, and the results we received are priceless.

Linda Anderson Essex (UK)

What’s your highest vision for this relationship?

To find peace.

To gain clarity about whether to draw closer together or move on.

To release years of resentments.

To feel more connected.

To better enjoy time spent together.

To stop being controlling or frustrated.

To let go of the hurt that’s preventing you from moving on.

To trust the other person’s unique path.

Whatever relationship you dream of, I’m here to support you. 

Jo Bradshaw

I wanted to try this process but I was scared to talk about my relationships. What if I uncovered some kind of ugly truth: something I’d have to act on? And what of this all being on me? What would it feel like to take my own tricksy brain in hand?

Well. It was fun. Gentle. Challenging. All of those things, because of the exquisite skill and empathy with which you held space.

It felt like an invitation… and then another invitation. I felt I’d been given the gift of a delicious new perspective. I felt calmer and braver and curious about what else I might discover about exploring and deepening my bonds with those I love.

What a capable, loving, intelligent, warm and strong teacher you are, Corrina! Thank you.

Jo BradshawWriter & illustrator, Bulgaria
Antony Quinn

This was life-changing.

At first, the price seemed painful because I was paying all in one go, compared with counselling where you pay per session. However, the value was realised within two weeks – my family member visited, who I’d experienced difficult relations with for 40 years, and it was the easiest visit I’d experienced in decades – maybe even ever. It’s very hard to put a number on that – and the impact over the course of the next 10 or 20 years makes the price seem insignificant. 

From counselling, I was used to being face-to-face in the same room – but Skype audio worked really well; it allowed for more intimate conversation, I could concentrate more deeply and take my time. 

Would I suggest any changes or improvements to the format? No – more of the same,  please! 

To anyone considering this, I’d say: Just do it. It’s easy to focus on the cost of doing it – both in money and time – but think about the cost of not doing it. For me, it would have meant repeating the same old groundhog day of negative feelings, misunderstandings and lost years. Ask yourself: What are the opportunities? What might happen if you do it? What might be different? 

Antony QuinnCambridge (UK)

Frequently Asked Questions – click to read

"How does it work & what’s the price?"

You’ll have 9 hours of sessions. It’s up to you how you schedule these within a 3-month period.

Some people love to dive in so they schedule a 3-day intensive. You’ll have two 90-minute sessions each day and enjoy a private virtual retreat from the comfort of your own home. This is perfect if you’ve reached a time-sensitive decision point, don’t want this back-and-forth to drag out, or if you prefer immersive work.

Others prefer a 3-month journey. This is ongoing support, embedded in the daily realities of this relationship. You’ll have three 1-hour sessions each month for three months.

And then there’s every pace in between. For example, you could choose three separate retreat days, each one week apart, or you could do a 1-hour session each day for 9 consecutive days.

In our initial consultation, we’ll discuss which format will be the best fit for you.

Price: £900. You can make a single payment or choose three instalments of £300.

"How much is that in my currency?"

Use this currency converter to calculate the exchange rate between British Pound Sterling (£) and your currency.

"Does the other person need to be involved?"

No. One of the unique characteristics of this approach is that it’s a one-person journey: yours.

You can experience peace and connection, even if they don’t change or engage.

(If the other person would also like to work with me one-to-one, they can contact me directly.  With this approach, there is no conflict of interest.)

"But it’s THEIR fault we have a problem!"

It certainly can feel that way and this is an important position to start from. The first preparatory exercise I’ll send you – The Rant – gives you the chance to express your frustration and disappointment.

But this work is not for you if you’d like to hold onto your complaints and blame. It requires an open mind and a willingness to look for new possibilities and see the relationship afresh.

Nor does the process take you into blaming yourself. It’s not about transferring judgement from them onto you. It’s not  about passing the hot potato of blame back and forth. This approach is about the end of fault-finding.

"It doesn’t seem realistic that I could get to peace so quickly."

Unquestioned thoughts are the source of all your pain.

Until these thoughts are questioned, you can spend years on an issue, trying to solve it with mental busy-ness.

With this process, it’s different. You’re investigating the source of the problem. Once the mind no longer believes the stories, they’re gone and you are fully free from the pain.

If you’re not keen on a rapid and radical solution, this isn’t for you – but why drag out relationship anguish when you can get to peace swiftly?

"Who are you and why should I trust you?"

I’m Corrina Gordon-Barnes, a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach with 12+ years of experience. I’ve supported over 200 one-to-one clients plus hundreds of workshop and course participants. Here’s more about my background, my relationships and why I do this work.

"Is this therapy?"

No. This is not therapy or counselling.

I’m a certified coach sharing a radical process of inquiry; this approach enables you to identify the stories that create disconnect in your relationship – and then move beyond them to find peace and connection.

It’s easy to get started

Simply fill out this form and introduce yourself to me. I’ll get back to you within 2 working days to schedule your free 30-minute consultation.

Olga Drobysheva

In my relationship with my mom, my thoughts were provoking reactions that would cause arguments. You helped me see the layers of emotions, memories and judgements I’d accumulated over the years and look from a different angle.

Now, I’m able to express my feelings better and if a misunderstanding arises I’m able to sort it out with my mom calmly before we fall into an argument. Our relationship has become much better, warmer and we are more connected now.

Certain things completely blew my mind and I’d recommend this to everyone! Issues in relationships with others are just a symptom. Don’t wait till you create unbearable wounds and unbreachable distance between yourself and your loved ones. Stop the blame and start working on yourself.

Olga DrobyshevaProduct Manager in IT / Industry Mentor, Melbourne Australia