When They’re Not Present With You,

There’s A Liberating Solution

Here’s the dream: Your loved one’s giving you their full attention. Their eyes are on you, they’re listening intently, as if you’re all that matters in the world.

Here’s reality: Your loved one’s not present with you at all. Your child’s glued to the TV. Your partner’s preoccupied with their work day and not asking about yours. Your brother’s on his phone. Your sister’s talking to everyone else at the party apart from you. Your mum’s more interested in neighbourhood gossip than your projects. Your dad’s making the listening noises but he’s fidgety and clearly wants to be back in the garden.

Who’s not present with you?

When your family member or partner is distracted, it’s natural to crave their attention. But if your requests for their focus are being ignored, or if you feel unable to ask them to be more present with you, what options are you left with?

In this video, you’ll discover a reliable way to get your need for presence and attention met 100% of the time.

Watch now:

Get truthful, get empowered

With this solution, you’re able to return to your personal power – even if your loved one is not present with you. Your feeling of being connected is back in your hands.

You’re freeing the other person from your demands (for the sake of your own peace) and freeing yourself from the frustration of unmet expectations.

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