How To Live More Peacefully With A Really Messy Partner

Do you live with a messy partner?

Or perhaps your child leaves a trail of destruction behind them, or your house-mate doesn’t tidy up after themselves?

Perhaps your colleague doesn’t keep your shared space nice, or you dread going to a friend or in-law’s because their place is so disorderly.

It can be hard to stay peaceful when you aren’t enjoying your physical space – so in today’s video, we’re looking at how to handle living with a messy partner or with someone else’s clutter, dirtiness or chaos.

Watch now:

Important: If you’re not interested in self-awareness, I’d recommend you don’t watch this video – in fact, there’s not much point in watching any of my videos. This approach is only for people who want to find peace and who want to come into their power.

If you DO want to grow in self-awareness and have happier, healthier relationships, then enjoy today’s episode and I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Oh – and in the video, I set you a challenge. Up for it? Drop me a line and let me know you’re committing; I’ll be cheering you along.

With love and in peace,

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