Marriage Coaching – Why? When? Who?

You feel committed to your marriage, but resentments have built up over the years. The connection has been eroded; there’s not the same intimacy, closeness, affection and love that was there at the start – and you miss it.

You’re here, reading these words, because you’re ready to address this. You’re committed to finding ways out of these patterns that aren’t working for either of you. You’re eager to find your way back to peace and connection.

But what if your partner doesn’t think there’s a problem?

Or perhaps they’re not willing to address it. It takes two to grow a marriage, right? – and if they’re not engaging with the issue or if they’re not interested in self-development, it can feel impossible to move forward.

Marriage coaching – for one person

The good news that it only takes one person to radically improve a marriage. And that person is you.

My marriage coaching approach is for people who desperately want to be free of resentments and at peace, but who don’t know how to do that as one person in a relationship. Much of the marriage guidance out there seems to be for the couple, engaging together, and that’s either not what’s possible or not what you want.

The reality is: you have the power to transform your experience of this marriage. You can be the loving, forgiving, connected partner you want to be – if you’re willing to be honest and take self-responsibility.

Marriage coaching – when is it useful?

Some people assume they’d only seek support for their marriage if they hit crisis point. While marriage coaching can certainly help in a crisis, it’s also for those who want to clear up the daily niggles and low-level irritation. It’s the way forward for a marriage that’s okay… when okay was never what you were aiming for.

Getting started with marriage coaching doesn’t mean you’ve failed. It doesn’t mean you’re weak. It means you want to be fit and strong and the best version of yourself in your marriage. It means you’re committed to creating the best marriage possible.

Marriage coaching – the possibilities

Here’s what I know – from my own life and from the people I work with:

You can radically improve your experience of your marriage, regardless of whether your partner changes or engages.

Marriage can survive the challenges of life. The kids, the sick parents, the job insecurity, the ill health, the affair, the bed death, the boredom, the changes in you, the changes in them.

You can find peace in any situation – if you’re willing to look honestly and with an open-mind at who your partner is and who you are in relation to them.

Your marriage is a powerful and unending source of personal growth and self-discovery.

Ready to make the most of it? Find out more about marriage coaching here.

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