The Most Powerful Response When They’ve Lied To You

When someone close has lied to you, the impact can be massive.

You might experience feelings of betrayal or sadness. Maybe you feel disoriented or side-swiped. Perhaps there’s anger, fear about the future, confusion – or even shame.

When they’ve lied to you, how to respond with peace AND power?

It’s totally understandable to feel that your partner, friend or family member’s lie has stripped you of your safety, your power or your peace. In this video, I’m sharing a way of responding that returns 100% of your peace and restores your sense of power.

Watch now:

Easier said than done

If peace and power feel impossible in these circumstances, please get in touch. I coach clients one-to-one, using a radical approach to transform the most challenging relationship situations; book a free consultation here.

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