The First Step When You Want To Let Go Of Resentment

If you’re serious about finding peace, it’s time to let go of resentment.

Our feeling of peace is blocked by holding onto frustration and disappointment. But what to do with all this resentment? We could attack the other person with our complaints, or suppress our anger or sadness, or find allies to justify our resentment.

But if we want a truly effective route to peace, the most helpful first step is to put our resentments on paper – in a process I call The Rant.

The specifics of how to let go of resentment

The Rant is private, thorough and uncensored. There are four sections to The Rant; as I talk you through each section, hold in mind someone you find challenging and discover the first step to let go of resentment towards them.

Watch now:

Ready for next steps?

Once you’ve got The Rant in front of you and you’re keen to move on, fill out the form on this page to book a free consultation with me.

[The Rant has evolved out of my experience with the Judge Your Neighbour worksheet, which is part of The Work of Byron Katie.]

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