Giving Yourself A Hard Time About

How Your Christmas Went?

how your Christmas went“I’m disappointed with myself. I travelled all this way and missed the opportunity to act differently with my sister and re-establish our bond. Why can’t I get over the past?” 

“It’s been a rocky year with my husband. I was cautiously optimistic we could enjoy this first Christmas with our baby daughter, but she wouldn’t stop crying, we got into a big row, and the day just deteriorated from there. Why can’t I make this relationship work?” 

“My Dad has no clue that being with him is so hard for me. Checking Facebook on my phone, eating that second helping, drinking that extra glass of mulled wine – he doesn’t realise they were my survival strategies. Why can’t I be more present with him?” 

When we’re not the best version of ourselves in our significant relationships, we’re often left with: WHY?

Why did I react that way?

Why wasn’t I able to rise above it and show up as the person I want to be?

I’ve done so much personal work. Why am I still falling into these same old patterns?

The answer is as simple and as complex as this:

We believed our thoughts.

Our partner, parent, sibling, child, in-law, friend said THAT THING or did THAT THING and thoughts arose in our mind. A story, an interpretation, giving meaning to what was said or done.

If we react without questioning these thoughts, we can’t help but defend, withdraw, snap, argue, zone out.

The alternative?

To learn the art of questioning our thoughts.

Throughout January 2017, I’ll be sharing a new video series. You’ll discover how to question and let go of the stories that are the source of our disappointment and frustration – so that we can experience peace instead. If you’re not already subscribed to receive these weekly updates, enter your name and email below.

If you’re nursing an emotional hangover in this post-Christmas fall-out, here’s to radical new possibilities in 2017.

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