Does Questioning Your Stories Mean You’re Bypassing  Healthy Emotions?

If you’re interested in finding peace in an important relationship, it’s powerful to identify the stories that have built up over the years – and question them.

But some people are hesitant about trying this approach, saying:

“Surely it’s healthy to feel angry, sad or afraid. If I question my thoughts, isn’t that bypassing healthy emotions? It feels like I’m taking a shortcut to everything being fine and I’ve missed an important emotional process.” 

It’s a valid concern – and in this 5-minute video, I’m sharing two ways in which questioning your stories is NOT about avoiding healthy emotions.

Watch now:

Easier said than done?

If you want one-to-one support with identifying and then questioning the stories that have built up about someone close to you, book a free consultation here.

[The questions “Is it true?” and “How do you react, what happens, when you believe that thought?” are two of the four questions in The Work of Byron Katie.]

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