How To Handle It When Your Partner Doesn’t Like Your Friends Or Family

You love your partner, you love your friends and family, but your partner has some issues with them.

Perhaps it’s low-level: they simply don’t make the effort, don’t really engage with them, or moan about them to you. Maybe they’re actively rude to your friends or family, blank them or ignore them. Perhaps it’s reached the point of full-blown conflict: raised voices, arguments, verbal attack.

When your partner doesn’t like your friends or family, it can be incredibly painful

You just want the people you love to get on! You want harmony and a pleasant environment when you’re together. It’s likely you feel torn, caught in the middle, understandably defensive and protective of your friends or family – and frustrated with your partner.

In today’s video, I’m sharing a new way of dealing with this situation that can bring unexpected peace, understanding and connection.

Watch now: 

Easier said than done

If the situation between your partner and your friends or family has escalated beyond comfort and you’d like support, take a look at how one-to-one coaching works.

This is a situation that many of my  clients have struggled with; my approach can radically shift your experience so take the first step and request a free initial consultation.

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