Dreading The Family Gathering? Try This.

Your next family gathering is looming… and you’re not looking forward to it. You’re feeling apprehensive, guarded or reluctant  – maybe because you’re seeing someone you find it hard to be with, or there’ll be a combination of people that typically doesn’t work well.

It might be a heart-breaking family gathering situation – for example, your parent’s health has declined and you can’t quite bear to see them this way.

Or perhaps it’s frustrating – for example, you’re expecting both your partner and father to drink too much and get into THAT TOPIC that never ends well.

The people at your family gathering are not how you want them to be

Intellectually, you know the way to peace is through acceptance. “I just need to make peace with them and let this go.”

But HOW do you do this when the situation’s so challenging?

In this 3-minute video, I’m sharing a powerful place to start.

Watch now:

Easier said than done

When your mum’s repeating herself, when your sister’s prickly, when your kids want to disappear on their phones, it can be incredibly challenging to face reality as it is. The mental soundtrack, “But I don’t WANT it to be like this!” can be loud and persistent before, during and after a family gathering.

You can unpack that mental soundtrack. You can set yourself free from the disappointment. You can feel at peace and connected at any family gathering, even when circumstances are entirely the opposite of how you’d like them to be.

Feeling far from that peace? Curious to discover how this peace is possible? Contact me to explore working one-to-one together.

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