If You Feel Deeply Disappointed In A Relationship, Try These Three Steps

I once knew a woman who’d had three sons. When her fourth child, a longed for daughter, came along, she was so overjoyed at the prospect of dressing her in pretty frills and brushing her long hair and painting her bedroom in soft pastels.

Turns out her daughter had no intention of wearing dresses – or liking pink. And the woman felt  deeply disappointed. She felt let down – like she’d been robbed of a dream and as much as she loved her daughter, she couldn’t move beyond the longing for her to be different.

Whether or not you can relate to that, you can probably relate to the feeling of deep disappointment.

Perhaps your partner doesn’t seem that bothered about sex – and every time they pull away or fail to initiate sex, you feel rejected.

Maybe your dad isn’t as strong or as wise as you’d hoped he would be. Or your sister doesn’t invite you to family gatherings. Or your friend didn’t come to the funeral when your mum passed away.

If you’re feeling disappointed in any relationship, today’s video is for you.

We’re exploring why these situations hurt so deeply – and I’m sharing three steps you can try if you want more peace and more sense of power.

Watch now:

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