How To Be Comfortable Near Someone Who’s Cross With You

Some of us find it incredibly hard to be near someone who’s cross with us. When someone disapproves of us, when someone’s not happy with us, when someone doesn’t like what we’ve just said or done, we can feel it strongly in our bodies. We feel prickly, unsettled, we cringe, we feel ashamed or embarrassed.

How to move beyond discomfort? How to feel at peace in the presence of someone who’s cross with you?

Here’s a powerful way forward. In this 3-minute video, I’m sharing a personal example from my marriage. This real-life scenario (at the dining table with my wife) makes it clear how to apply this liberating, peace-bringing approach when someone’s cross with you.

Watch now:

Easier said than done

It’s normal to want to take responsibility for your own experience, but to find it hard to disentangle from discomfort and blame.

It’s also normal to get support with this. Find out more about one-to-one support here.

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