Does Verbalising Your Relationship Issues Feel Like Betraying Your Loved One?

The first step in letting go of resentment is to get your blame onto paper in something I call The Rant. In this video, I describe how do The Rant thoroughly.

But maybe you feel torn about doing this. Yes, you can see it’d be healthy to express your emotions and identify the key relationship issues – but you also feel nervous at the idea of putting your critical thoughts down onto paper.

What if your loved one were to read about your disappointment or frustration? You’d be mortified if they found out you saw them this way.

How to address your relationship issues without betraying your loved one

In this video, you’ll discover some practical ways of keeping your Rant private, and why The Rant is actually the exact opposite of betraying your loved one – and therefore incredibly important to do.

Watch now: 

Easier said than done

Often, our well-meaning friends are great allies to our  judgemental thoughts. Sharing with them might feel cathartic at the time, but later we may feel a sense of betraying our loved one – plus the conversation may have fuelled our resentment.

If you want to share your Rant in a healthy way, as the first step to moving beyond resentment, consider one-to-one support. Find out more and book a free consultation here.

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