How To Have The Best Possible Family Get-Together

Gearing up for a challenging family get-together?

Infuriating in-law. Heartbreakingly frail parent. Moody child. Prickly sibling. Whoever’s likely to push your buttons, my guess is your highest intention isn’t to leave the family get-together saying, “Thank goodness I survived that.”

Yes, it’s a start! – but I’m guessing you’d rather say: “I’m proud of how I showed up.”

You want to show up as the best version of you. The authentic you. The you that your best friends know and love. The you that’s done work on yourself and should have the skill to move beyond old (painful) patterns.

But being on form at a challenging family get-together is easier said than done

It’s all too common to fall into the same pit as last year: tension, disconnect, annoyance, frustration.

In today’s video, I’m sharing how to change the story.

Watch now.

Easier said than done

If you’re done with blaming, biting your tongue or enduring at a family get-together, this video offers a starting point for peace and connection. Healing long-standing resentments, perceived hurts and personality clashes takes commitment. If there’s a relationship that truly matters to you, get my one-to-one support.

(And if you missed the first in this two-part series about preparing for a family get-together, watch it here.)

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